Types of Polygraph Tests

Make the right test for the right situation.

Specific issue test

  • Where individuals are tested relating to a specific incident/issue or crime
  • Polygraph tests are used most often as part of criminal investigations. One or more suspects are identified by police or an employer and may take the test in an effort to help determine whether or not those individuals should remain as suspects
  • Questions are usually specific to the crime/issue under investigation with the examinees being told the questions in advance
  • Tests can also be conducted in cases where a person is suspected of child or woman abuse or any type of sexual offense

Confirmatory test

  • Confirming of truthfulness of statement – particularly if two conflicting/different statements are submitted by two or more individuals relating to the same issue

Periodic screening test

  • To determine the honesty of your existing employees
  • These tests are normally done on a regular basis and are an effective tool to prevent theft and dishonesty at the workplace
  • Screening of current employees assists in assessing their continued truthfulness, especially when it comes to government, security, police officers, armored car drivers, staff who are in control of company assets and anti-poaching units
  • Immediate action can be taken to tighten up on systems and procedures
  • This type of test is a very effective management tool
  • It will identify areas of risk

Pre-employment test

  • Employment history verification and honesty with regards to an individual’s employment application
  • These tests highlight any past involvement in theft, fraud, criminal activities or substance abuse
  • Polygraph testing is often used as part of the hiring process
  • Questions on the test may include anything from criminal history to substance abuse, and sexual abuse
  • Questions are formulated during an interview before the test is conducted

POT test (Peak of Tension) and KPOT (Known Peak of Tension)

  • This type of test is only applicable under restricted conditions
  • Where there is a specific incident, activity or an item that can be referred to
  • This applies where there are several relevant details that are known only to the investigator and the person/s present at the specific incident
  • This type of test could assist in the searching/location of physical evidence

Sports and Recreation

  • Occasionally, athletes are requested to take a polygraph test to verify that they did not cheat in a contest
  • This is more frequently done with winners, but is not limited to them
  • Competitions with high rewards for winners create the most incentive to gain unfair advantage, such as performance-enhancing drugs or illegal equipment

Matrimonial Issue test

  • This test will assist in determining any issues relative to issues in matrimonial and divorce issues

Acquaintance test

  • The main purpose of this test is to get the examinee familiar with the test procedure before conducting the main test
  • This can be seen as a practice test

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